The power of social media and
community engagement to help you

  • connect.
  • share.
  • curate.
  • cultivate.
  • activate.

Meet your community and build real relationships with Campfires

Connect through human-centered video engagement. Perfect for organizations and individuals looking to foster authentic connections with their communities. Ensure genuine, meaningful interactions. Enable your community to feel seen and heard.

Campfires are where relationships extend infinitely beyond the screen. 

  • Build real connections face-to-face
  • Invite co-hosts to participate or moderate
  • Connect anywhere. Anytime.
Video engagement Campfire Community
Video comment feature

Your data and privacy is yours

Shift the power dynamic of your data back where it belongs. Gain vital insights about your community. 

Segment your audience.

Segment your audience

Segment your community to easily add them to your outreach and engagement efforts.

Video comment feature

Video comments

Keyboard cowards and bots are a
thing of the past. Metrics are measured
on quality, not quantity.

Translated and closed captioned

Language should never be a barrier. Improve accessibility for those with hearing impairments and non-natives of the language.

Broadcast to your entire community in real-time

Unopened emails are a thing of the past. Transmit urgent updates and call-to-action videos to everyone in your community.

  • Live Broadcast notifications
  • Scheduling features
  • Customizable alerts 

Activate your community to Action and effect change

Amplify the power of your people. Mobilize your community to take action, drive positive impact, and measurable outcomes.

  • Integrates third party URLs
  • Great for events, crowdfunding, donations,
    petitions, and more
  • Eliminates performative advocacy
Android Actions Feature Sparkseeker

“Incorporating Sparkseeker into our community has been a game changer. We’ve been able to have real conversations and virtually meet so many of our members. Our community feels seen and valued. It’s helped us build loyalty on a whole other level.”

Leanne R. – Community Manager, Paintball Promos

See what your community is Sparking

Your members can create Sparks around what’s happening in their lives, things that interest them, something they want to bring attention to, or whatever else they want to bring to the community.

  • A great option to engage your members and make them feel part of the community
  • An ideal way to discover your members’ interests
  • Perfect for individual personalized conversations

Get immediate feedback and insights from your community

Whether you’re looking to discover preferred event types or need real-time feedback on an upcoming fundraiser, Sparkseeker offers you:

  • A way to create engaging polls, fun facts, and trivia questions
  • The ability to post instantly or schedule for a later day
  • Access to real-time results
Poll trivia real-time results

“Unlike the customer testimonials on the home page, that highlight the benefits of the single feature, this testimonial should highlight the benefits of the service/product as a whole. It should be from the persons own experience and how the product has helped their business.”

Nancy Drew – Vice President Accounting

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