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A Little About Us

Sparkseeker is a video-centric, mobile community that invites people to reclaim their time online for the benefit of both people and the planet.

Aimed at addressing the growing issues of current social media networks, the Sparkseeker app is a healthy alternative and is intentionally built to foster meaningful connections and support emotional wellness. Developed using humane technology practices and neuroscience supported features, Sparkseeker has eliminated harmful features such as the like/follow culture and all invasive data practices that lead to poor mental health, addictive behavior, and systemic divide.

Sparkseeker also makes it effortless to unite and co-create the world we wish to experience. Through innovative features like Initiatives, Campfires and Actions or simply by subscribing, every Seeker becomes a global changemaker.  It’s healthy social with a strong social impact initiative. 


We’ve built the world’s first healthy social network that gives back. We’re in beta, ready to bring Sparkseeker out to the world, and need your support. Founder-funded to date, your contribution will support our launch initiatives and help us deliver on the Sparkseeker vision.

We know that change starts with us, so we’ve showed up and built it. We invite you to show up with us and join our journey to launch. Every contribution and share counts. Help us make some noise! Spread the word and give if you can.

how We Are Different


Your Data and Privacy Is Yours

Your Data and Privacy Is Yours

We have moved away from the attention economy and do not utilize any invasive data driven technology. We don’t support any harmful practices that exploit user attention and work to curb stimulus addiction. Sparkseeker also does not utilizing any third party tracking.


Neuroscience Supported Features

Neuroscience Supported Features

Our features are designed to combat online bullying and divisiveness while enabling the development of social/emotional cues to raise emotional intelligence and support mental wellness.


Humane Technology Practices

Humane Technology Practices

We are committed to aligning technology to human needs and will never exploit human vulnerabilities for profit.


You Are Not The Product

You Are Not The Product

When an app is free, you are the product. Unlike other free social platforms, your data is not part of our revenue model. Our nominal subscription fee supports our cost of operations so you can enjoy your social experience without worry.


True Community and Actionable Takeaways

True Community and Actionable Takeaways

No more popularity-based follow culture. Create deeper connections with others Seekers based on interest. Find allies and advocates. Take ideas, dreams, initiatives…whatever you want and put them into action.


Every Seeker, A Global Changemaker

Every Seeker, A Global Changemaker

We invite every Seeker to spark what the seek and we’re leading by example. A portion of every dollar we earn goes to support underserved communities and sustainability solutions. We utilize the power of our platform and community to co-create solutions that prove collective power and deliver measurable impact


To join us on our journey to launch, enter your information below and choose a category that’s close to your heart.We won’t spam you. Instead, we’ll send you thoughtful updates based on your interest.



    A portion of all revenue goes towards social and environmental impact solutions supporting the most vulnerable communities. Through Sparkseeker’s subscription-based model, every Seeker effortlessly becomes an agent for change and gets to co-create a better world. While Seekers get the enjoy the benefits of a healthy social network, someone else gets to eat, drink clean water, or go to school.

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