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Get ready for a whole new kind of online experience! We are reforming the way we connect, consume, and build community. Discover an app that promotes genuine connections and emotional wellness. Where the actions and interactions are based on neuroscience findings and humane technology practices. Say hello to Sparkseeker.

We do not support the harmful “like and follow” culture that breeds comparison, divisiveness, and anxiety. No more urgency signaling and unethical algorithms to keep you addicted. We’re working to eliminate politics, false narratives, hate speech, and online bullying. We will never sell your data. You control both your data and privacy. You are no longer the commodity!

Sparkseeker enables social change while supporting businesses that use ethical, sustainable practices. Plus, we give back to organizations that care for our planet and help underserved communities. Simply by engaging with the Sparkseeker App, you become a global Changemaker. Interested?


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