To disrupt industry standards and provide a healthy social media platform that supports emotional wellness while harnessing the power of our community to inspire action and spur global change.


Humane Technology Practices

We have built internal standards around what we define humane technology to be: technology that serves people. We’ve used these principles as the blueprint for every decision.

Neuroscience Supported Features

Every decision we made, and features we have built, use AI and neuroscience findings to combat division and disinformation, while supporting our Seekers well-being.

Translated Captions

Language can be a huge obstacle when it comes to engaging with others. We decided to help limit the number of barriers by integrating translated captions so you can interact with anyone around the world.

The Science of Gratitude

We have removed the like feature that is seen in traditional social media as we’ve been conditioned to like content without much thought. But thanking someone for what they have created is more meaningful and requires more thought to take that action.


Say Goodbye to Invasive Data Practices

We won’t sell your data – ever!

We’ve removed the invasive data driven technology that supports harmful practices of online platforms. Unlike other free social platforms, your data is not part of our revenue model because you are NOT the product. Your identity on the platform is yours. Your data is yours. And you control your experience on Sparkseeker.

No third-party tracking

You will never be influenced by third-party advertising or any type of tracking on Sparkseeker. The content you see, and the experience you have, is never manipulated by external factors.