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Supercharge your influence, foster meaningful connections, and ignite positive change with Sparkseeker – the customizable, responsible tech-powered social community app. 


Your all-in-one social, collaboration, and community engagement platform

Host meetings, events, community gatherings through a human-centered, video interface.

Transmit important updates, alerts, and call-to-actions in real-time to your entire community.

Post Sparks and video comments,  send messages, organize, and call members.

Rally support, effect change, and mobilze your community to take action now.

Customize to communicate and elevate your brand, culture, and identity.

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Robust analytics and continuous innovation

Comprehensive dashboard that is feature packed with metrics, community and team management tools, reporting…

Rob Richardson

“Implementing Sparkseeker has resulted in unprecedented participation in union functions and a newfound appreciation expressed by members. Pivotal in reshaping our union.”

Rob Richardson – Deputy Trustee, LiUNA Laborers Local 1410

Custom branding options. White-labeled app.

Full service setup and branding options

Say goodbye to email marketing frustrations. Tired of measuring low open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes?

Our proprietary Broadcast  is here to make your life easier, ensuring your emails reach the right audience and yield the results you’ve been longing for..

“Great platform to foster community and collaboration. If you want to innovate, you have to collaborate.”

Jim Barton – Global Vice President, SAP


Dedicated team to support 

“We never imagined how building our community would positively impact our sales. Our players feel a sense of belonging and use the app to plan group events, share game strategies, post their wins.”

Spyridon Kodounis – President, Orlando Paintball

Sparkseeker Solution 

Sparkseeker, with its robust capabilities, fuels communities in a wide range of industry sectors. Discover how we can tailor our platform to perfectly align with your distinctive needs.

Non-profits & Associations

Charities, foundations, NGOs, unions, and government organizations collaborate with Sparkseeker to enhance their interactions with donors, volunteers, community partners, and beneficiaries. Our dynamic platform cultivates meaningful connections, showcases activity sharing, drives impactful initiatives, activates challenges, advances outcomes, and fosters a profound sense of unity among members.


Sparkseeker is revolutionizing education, bridging the gap between students, teachers, and alumni. Our video-centric platform fosters active engagement within school culture, enhancing student-teacher connections, and nurturing thriving alumni communities. With a strong focus on data ethics and security, Sparkseeker empowers educational institutions to create impactful, lifelong connections.


Businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, turn to Sparkseeker to enrich their connections, foster camaraderie, and boost engagement across diverse stakeholders. Our human-centered features promote knowledge sharing, facilitate strategic alignment, and nurture a deep sense of community. When teams and employees feel valued and heard, they become more engaged, leading to improved mental health, reduced turnover, and enhanced bottom-line performance. Additionally, we enable seamless communication of CSR initiatives, further strengthening your company’s culture and social impact efforts

Public Figure

Elevate your public profile with Sparkseeker, the platform that empowers public figures like you with actionable insights to better serve your communities. In an era marked by misinformation, disinformation, and ever-evolving algorithms, Sparkseeker is your trusted ally for reputation management. Safeguard your authenticity in the age of deepfakes and ensure your message resonates authentically in this digital landscape. Join us to strengthen your connection with your audience and protect your online presence


SFBW 2023 Advocate in responsible Tech Award Honoree

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